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What We Do

Need help now? Want to talk? Go post in our Gitter: resbaz/Arizona

Everyone is Welcome

We support an ample community of researchers from diverse areas and levels of expertise. Whether you are just starting to learn programming or you are already an expert, we have a place for you!


Meeting and working with experts from different fields can bring a new and fresh perspective to your own work! Even more, re-inforce your skill and help train a new generation of developers by teaching others.

Community Building

Meet new people in and outside of your field. Join our supportive network of data scientists and find out what we can do when we work together.


Stay up to date on announcements at our Twitter: @ResBazAZ
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Coffee and Code

Where: Catalyst Café, Biosciences Research Laboratories Building, 1230 North Cherry Avenue
When: 8AM - 10AM, every Tuesday
What: Whether you're debugging code or need ideas for how to introduce programming into your research, Coffee and Code is a great place to receive help and share knowledge! No specific problem? No worries -- join us at Coffee and Code to chit chat with other researchers in the morning while enjoying some coffee or tea. Coffee and Code is the best way to start your Tuesday!

Hacky Hour

Where: Gentle Ben's (University Blvd)
When: 4PM - 7PM, every Thursday
What: Hacking + Happy Hour = HackyHour! Every week, researchers, data scientists, and programmers around campus get together. Some people bring their programming problems to get help from those with more experience. Those without projects come to discuss their research, brainstorm new ideas, try out new technologies, or chit chat about data science!

Community Events

Tucson Python Meetup: The goal of this group is to encourage more mingling, learning, and sharing ideas within the Tucson Python community. Everybody is welcome, no matter what your level of Python experience. Activities include presentations and workshops on everything from how to use Python to control the lights in your home, to building web applications which can scale to millions of users. For more information, see:

Who We Are

We're scientists, students and researchers who want to work with you! Any more questions? You can ask us at our Gitter!

Marnee Dearman

College of Medicine, University of Arizona

  •  Functional Programming
  •  Graph Databases
  •  Python

Julian Pistorius


  •  Programming
  •  Outreach and training

Gaius Augustus

Cancer Biology GIDP, University of Arizona

  •  R Programming
  •  Bioinformatics
  •  Python

Blake Joyce


  •  Precision Agriculture
  •  Bioinformatics
  •  Community training and outreach
  •  Plant molecular biology